CAASS Adult Autism Service

Are you an adult living with Autism?

CAASS (Community Adult Autism Support Service) is for adults living with Autism in Coventry and Warwickshire.

What is CAASS?

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind is trialling, for one year, a new Community Adult Autism Support Service (CAASS) in partnership with Springfield Mind and Act for Autism.

CAASS services

Weekly peer support groups

A safe space for people with Autism to:

Meet with others on a regular basis

Socialise with people in similar situations

Plan and agree group activities

6 Week Autism Education Programme

Weekly 2 hour sessions will focus on:

Understanding Autism – what do we know about Autism?

Autism and positive wellbeing – working towards a more enjoyable, improved life

Understanding sensory needs

Communication skills – including social anxiety,

Friendships and social media

Anxiety management – coping with distress and managing emotions

Wider sources of support available

How will CAASS support help?

Support is aimed at providing individuals with the opportunity to:

Understand what autism is and how it affects them individually

Increase self-help strategies to better manage their emotional and mental wellbeing

Feel more confident to engage with others and community activities

Positively move forward independently to a more fulfilling life

Who is it for?

CAASS is available to adults who have or are waiting for an Autism assessment, or those who believe they are Autistic and would like further support.

Where will activities take place?

All activities will be provided across a range of venues in Coventry and Warwickshire.

How to take part

You can either self-refer or a professional can refer you.

Places in all our activities are limited. To check availability, we advise you contact us in advance.

If our support is not for you, we will help with information on other support and/or community services to suit your needs as appropriate.

What to expect

We will ask you to:

Provide personal details about yourself and information on support already in place

Complete forms during and post activities to tell us how support has helped and what else you would have liked that wasn’t available

Contact us

For more information about CAASS support services, we will need your:


Contact details

Postcode, and

Service you are interested in

You can contact us and/or leave a message in one of the following ways:

Phone (024) 7771 4545