The Community Support Service provides support to individuals with mental health problems to improve their well-being, build up their social networks and to enable them to integrate into the community with confidence. The support is time-limited and tailored to the individual’s needs.

Support is delivered face to face within the individual’s home or in the community, and can also be delivered via telephone, video-link or in groups dependent upon personal preference.  To ensure we are supporting individuals to meet their goals, we use the ‘Recovery Star’ model of support planning. This encourages individuals to plan their own support, identify areas they would benefit from and set achievable goals.

We aim to empower individuals to be able to successfully manage their mental health, integrate into the community independently and enjoy good quality of life.

We have an excellent team of experienced support workers, with a wide range of skills who can assist individuals in the following areas:

      • Managing Mental Health
      • Social Networks
      • Responsibilities
      • Identity & Self Esteem
      • Living Skills
      • Self-care
      • Trust & Hope
      • Work
      • Relationships
      • Addictive behaviour


Individuals with mental health needs who may be feeling isolated, struggling to integrate into the community, have had periods of hospitalisation and/or have ongoing mental health needs requiring support can be referred to this service.  Please note, if you are referring someone to the Community Support Service, a completed Referral Form and Risk Assessment is required.

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