Wellbeing for Coventry 2020/21

Wellbeing for Coventry is relatively a new a new edition to Coventry and Warwickshire Mind. It offers a multitude of services tailored to supporting the needs of the community. It has been created to enable most people in need to live well and stay independent. From courses to walk-in hubs open daily there is something for everyone.

Wellbeing for Coventry focus on 4 key areas:

• Improving health, wellbeing, independence and resilience
• Remaining safe and secure in the community
• Increasing engagement in education, volunteering and employment
• Enabling social participation

These areas are delivered through a number of services:

Recovery and Wellbeing Academy

Coventry Wellbeing Hubs


Community Support Service 

Keen to find out more? Visit the Wellbeing for Coventry website for further information and watch this space for developments.

Please support our efforts in continuing to deliver this service. This is our biggest service to date supporting thousands of people a year.

Thank you.