It’s hard to think back to what life was like before because I’ve had depression since primary school but I didn’t know it until I spoke to a friend who had depression when I was 13.  When I was younger, I was very unoptimistic and cynical and at school I felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown all the time.  I would always fantasise about running away from school and home.  I learned to cope through college with the support of my friends and it was after college that I found it more difficult to cope.  At 19 I left college and was left to control my depression alone.  I found it more and more difficult to control the depression which led to various breakdowns and ultimately a suicide attempt.  After this I was able to tell my mum about my depression (I was too worried to do this in all the years before) but thankfully I did because she helped me go to the GP and crisis team and since then I’ve felt much more in control.

My GP recommended I visit the service in Rugby, that was 8 months ago and I still attend the Drop-in twice a week.  I’ve done a Lifestyle Check at the Hub and now regularly visit the sports centre where I use the gym thanks to the ‘Fitter Futures’ programme.  I feel much more in control of my depression and I’ve worked out my mind needs a rest now and then, its own little sanctuary.  I’ve found this at Rugby Wellbeing Hub, the gym and the pool hall.