Training: Mental health in the workplace – managing teams

Mental health in the workplace: managing teams

Early intervention leads to greater wellbeing and good mental health, greater productivity and reduced absenteeism. This course is specifically delivered for managers and senior business leaders.

Our mental health training is an investment in your business potential

This interactive course: 

Two 2.5 hour sessions plus individual learning 

tutor-led, using clear slides and content, including short video, graphics, group activity and humour 

Our course will help to: 

explain mental ill health – what causes it and how it can affect us – through behaviours and conditions

look at mental health issues in the workplace

discuss the key drivers of stress and how to bring about greater wellbeing for your staff teams

discuss the risk of self-medication and help your employees to understand suicide

guide managers through the processes required to create a supportive culture

identify the barriers to open and honest discussion of mental health issues in the workplace

identify the legal obligations facing management teams

will set out and guide managers through the best steps to address mental health issues – initiating conversations and identifying really helpful resources.

This course will help your business: 

improve staff morale and retention – greater resilience

comply with current legislation

reduce the risk of grievance procedures

create an open and healthy environment where appropriate support can be accessed

improve individual staff wellbeing and peace-of mind


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