Training: Covid 19 Adjusting to the new normal

Covid 19: adapting to the new normal 

In the face of the pandemic, that has already affected every walk of business life, and as working practices are constantly reviewed and revised – working from home or working under greater restrictions in the workplace – this course is designed to help you. 

This interactive course: 

Two 2.5 hour sessions plus individual learning 

tutor-led, using clear slides and content, including short video, graphics, group activity and humour 

Our course will help to: 

Understand stress in the home and the workplace 

make sense of the Covid 19 pandemic on our society and communities 

discuss the biggest concerns around returning-to-work 

identify the phases of a crisis – using our experience of the coronavirus pandemic to go through the steps 

understand how we can help one another – peer support 

develop processes and steps to take to address concerns and areas of stress 

signpost your staff teams to useful resources. 


This course will help your business: 

return to working practice – ‘the new normal’ 

manage expectations, whether working from home or returning to the workplace 

improve staff morale and wellbeing 

create an open and healthy environment where appropriate support can be accessed 


To talk about how we can help your business, call Nigel Taylor, Customer Engagement Manager 

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