Stephen Fry – President of Mind

When Mind held an event in February 2017, profiling its work in LGBTQ+ mental health, Stephen made the following speech.

‘As a gay man and a man with bi-polar disorder, I have a special interest in this evening. It’s a lamentable of melancholy fact that in 2017, the LGBT+ community should suffer so much from issues that pertain to mental health, and I am talking about the most vital issues imaginable. Research has shown that nearly 50% of LGBT+ people have attempted/considered suicide.

That is compared to 6% of the “normal” population. That’s a really disturbing figure, even worst perhaps this might be considered that 80% of trans people have attempted suicide not just considered it, but attempted it, this is a real crisis” “we have to do something to attack the terrific amount of rejection, isolation, discrimination, stigma, and bulling.

The appalling lack of self-worth felt by people who have so much to contribute to society, any kind of a healthy society is when we look out for each other and we welcome devotion and diversity and we are inclusive as possible, because diversity, let’s face it, is not a choice, it is a fact, we live in a diverse world. People are diverse thank goodness, otherwise we will be raised of robots.

The choice we make is inclusion, inclusivity is the choice, diversity is the fact. Mind is absolutely determined to do everything it can to raise this issue, raise the debate on the subject of LGBT+ emergencies and the problems of self-harm, and suicide and feelings of a total lack of self-worth and rejection felt by the community and it’s important that everyone in the medical community understands the particular issues involved around LGBT+ community and their needs.’


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