Event date: All Year

Do you have a fear of heights or love the thrill of adrenaline rush, why not take the ultimate ultimate plunge!

If you think you could take that one step off a bridge, platform or even skyscraper for the greater good, then taking on a charity bungee jump is for you!

This high octane, one-off event is really great for those who only have a small amount of time available. There are no grueling marathon-training schedules to stick to, no weekend-long treks – you only need to commit to fundraising and the jump itself.

The beauty about bungee jumping is that you can do it alone or with someone else at your side 🙂

Entry Fee for a single jump: £69 per person.

Entry Fee for double the trouble jump with someone else £138 per person.

For more information and to register please click here:

To set you your fundraising page please click here

Please email fundraising@cwmind.org. uk to get the ball rolling 🙂