Service Satisfaction Results

We are proud to announce the results after receiving service user feedback at the end of 2018.

Every year we give our service users a chance to tell us how we’re doing. Have they been satisfied with the services they’ve received? Had their experience resulted in positive outcomes? What do they think we could do to improve?

The results

From the 313 people who responded to our survey, the following results were:

  • 94% said that they have been satisfied with the service(s) they have received.
  • 95% said that they have experienced some kind of improvement or stabilisation in their mental health since accessing Coventry and Warwickshire Mind services.
  • A large proportion of service users believe they now know where to go for further support (80%) and 82% have access to information to help them with their mental wellbeing.
  • 83% of responders also agreed that they have received quality care and support and that they were listened to and respected (85%) throughout their involvement with CW Mind.

We also received positive comments:

“Having someone to understand me and given the support to make decisions. It has changed the way i think about a lot of stuff.” (Rugby/North Warwickshire Hub)

Kind, considerate and caring. Taught me how to like me again.” (Counselling)

“Very, very, supportive, compassionate and non-judgemental.” (Pathfinder/Grow)

Receiving feedback not only enables us to reflect on what we have, together with service users, achieved but also enables us to plan for the future to ensure that our support is tailored to the needs of individuals and helps individuals to achieve their goals and ambitions. I would like to also take this opportunity to thank our dedicated team of staff, volunteers and peer supporters who work tirelessly to ensure that we provide quality support to all. I would also like to thank the commissioners, funders and partner organisations with whom we work closely.
We trust that 2019 will be another year of expanding our reach and ensuring that “No one should have to face a mental health problem alone”.”

Steven Hill, CEO and Quality Lead of Coventry and Warwickshire Mind

If you would like to provide CW Mind with any comments or feedback regarding the support you have received, please do not hesitate to contact us on 024 7655 2847 or email The next annual survey will be held in September 2019.

To read the full survey satisfaction results click this link. This covers the full survey with all of the completed results and graphs.