RED January Journeys

Thank you to all who took part in RED January. A brilliant 114 people joined our effort, and of those who ran, walked and jogged throughout January (or became more active in any way they chose) to beat the New Year blues and generate funds to support our work, an amazing £811.14 was raised.

Thank you so much to everyone involved!

You should all be incredibly proud of your achievements. We’ve shared a few of our REDers success stories below.

Congratulations to Julie Jones who completed her RED January journey, and managed 144 miles in January, 63 miles running and 81 miles walking. Julie is also carrying on into February and still being active every day!

Well done to Nuffield Health in Nuneaton for taking part in RED January. Thank you so much for raising an amazing £75. It looked like you had an amazing time, and so many people took part and joined in!

Emily’s story

It’s been fun. I’ve done some gentle exercises, some tough ones and some expensive ones too! Overall, I’ve just really enjoyed something different every day. I’ve spent a lot of it outdoors and with people and I can say it really helps move the January blues away. Most importantly I’ve learnt you can fit movement in your busy life pretty much anywhere. You just have to prioritise you for a bit, which certainly isn’t easy some days! Until next year, over and out!

Dee’s story

So, January is over and so is my RED January journey this year.

The challenge is different for every person that has completed, as was also the case when I took part in RED January last year. This time I started out wanting to focus on my overall wellbeing, not just my physical health.

I’ve experienced challenges on a person level during the month, but RED January it has given me precious times to connect with friends, try out new activities and rekindle precious memories of activities I did when I was younger. Much of my month has involved my passion for dance, I have been so grateful for the routine and focus.

Work and family life can be busy, and we forget the importance of investing in ourselves. I have valued time alone with just myself and my dog. We spent time enjoying the open countryside, being aware of my surroundings, listening to birds and connecting with nature.

These have been precious times where I have been able to release all that life builds up. I am grateful for this challenge, grateful for personal time, grateful for every opportunity to raise the profile of the work that CW Mind does on a daily basis to change people’s lives and give hope for their futures.

In RED January, the month has brought laughter through trampolining and dance along with personal challenges during personal training sessions. On a physical level, I generally feel more positive and I’m happy to say that it has brought a healthy weight loss, improved my sleep and reduced my stress levels.

I’m looking forward to planning for the next challenge.