Raising awareness – bucket collection

A massive thank you to Faye and Jennifer Reid for doing a collection and helping to raise awareness for coventry and Warwickshire Mind. Below is feedback from the sisters.

We decided to hold a bucket collection for Coventry & Warwickshire Mind – not only to raise money, but to raise awareness about mental health itself. Everywhere in the media such as magazines and TV you notice how important it is to look after our physical health. Well our mental health is important too! The two go hand-in-hand. Coventry and Warwickshire Mind provide fundamental support and information across Coventry & Warwickshire for those with mental health problems. It may be yourself, a family member, your partner, a friend or a work colleague who needs support but is too afraid to ask for help because of the stigma attached to mental health. We decided to raise money for Coventry & Warwickshire Mind so that they can continue to provide their fantastic service and help more lives. Our mission helped increase awareness of mental health. Thank you to those who donated and had an open discussion about mental health every bit counts!