Rachel – fundraiser

My fundraising tasks were focussed around managing marketing and fundraising events. The first task I did was research and write down all events and marketing ideas possible in the time frame I had available. I then set about sorting out a venue, timings, comedians (as it was a comedy night), ticketing (including price), theme, posters.

The marketing side involves getting people interested and involved with us on a Facebook and Twitter pages by sharing awareness photos or articles or just by someone liking or following us or sharing our pages news feed items. I have also liaised with other community pages by getting them to share our upcoming event, liking/following their pages and therefore sharing more awareness and engaging the local community. Furthermore, I have been engaging with the media agents surrounding Coventry, e.g. Free Radio, BBC and the hospital’s radio. I have also worked out marketing campaigns to get the available community more involved and aware for instance a blog of experiences and about mental health issues.

The comedy night raised over £440 – not bad for a few weeks’ work!