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    We take quality seriously at Coventry & Warwickshire Mind.

    Our Quality Policy

    It is our policy Coventry & Warwickshire Mind to provide a range of services which meet the needs and reasonable expectations of our service users, staff, volunteers and stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that services are provided to agreed standards and are delivered within stated agreed financial parameters.

    All work is carried out in accordance with the highest professional standards aiming for continual improvement and stakeholder satisfaction through the involvement and participation of all levels of management, staff, service users and other interested parties.

    CW Mind has a named quality lead and a Quality Group, which meets regularly to ensure the quality standards are being met, and to review solutions and ideas for development and improvement, so that well-developed service and strategic plans are in place.

    We are committed to working to the highest levels of service specific standards, e.g. Quality Assessment Framework, as well as the highest levels of those organisational standards below, to assure quality of operation:

    Mind Quality Mark (MQM)
    ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation
    Mindful Employer
    Wellbeing Charter

    Services are assessed regularly against the above standards, to ensure that the highest possible quality is achieved.

    When any shortfalls in performance are identified, these will be addressed in the strategic and operational plans for development and improvement.

    Coventry & Warwickshire Mind will ensure that the following processes are in place, adhered to and regularly reviewed and improved:

    • Staff Management and Development procedures
    • Service User Involvement procedures
    • Operational monitoring and review processes

    Coventry & Warwickshire Mind aims to secure funding from all appropriate funding sources and ensure that it provides the relevant performance management data and reports required to the funders. It will also seek to involve funders closely in its work, particularly in quality improvement.

    Coventry & Warwickshire Mind will agree the scope of its activities and ensure that it provides appropriate high quality and innovative services that meet the needs of its users, within legislative requirements. It will also ensure that all services are delivered by a highly skilled, trained, motivated and well-supported workforce.

    The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all staff, led by the Senior Management Team under the direction of the Board of Trustees. All staff are expected to work together in ensuring that activities are controlled and delivered in a manner compatible with achieving required service levels and obligations effectively.

    Coventry & Warwickshire Mind will ensure that all interested parties, at all levels of the organisation, are represented in decision-making processes that contribute to the development and improvement of services. Service users’ feedback is central to this process.

    Coventry & Warwickshire Mind also works in partnership with other appropriate organisations involved in mental health services where such collaboration would be of benefit to mental health service users. When Coventry & Warwickshire Mind’s services are not appropriate, service users will be signposted to an organisation that can provide the required service.

    All staff shall adhere to the quality manual in order to achieve a consistent approach to quality assurance. All documents affecting quality are made available to all staff electronically.

    This Quality Policy will be reviewed annually by the Quality Group, in order to ensure its continuing appropriateness.