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Peer mentoring support service

About the peer mentoring support service

As part of the CAMHS Transformation programme, the Peer Mentoring service aims to improve mental health outcomes for children and young people (CYP) aged 16-25, across Coventry and Warwickshire. It can be a difficult time when transitioning between child and adult mental health support services and many young adults fail to seek advice and support early enough. 

This is an early intervention/prevention service providing peer mentor 1:1 and group support with the goal of enabling a smoother transition from children’s mental health services into adult support or community services.

Who would benefit from the service – the criteria

The Peer Mentoring Service offers one-to-one peer mentoring support and buddy support to three main groups of children and young people: 

  • young adults aged 16–18, transitioning through pathways from children and young people’s mental health services to adult mental health services 
  • young adults aged 17–25, who have never accessed mental health services but are at risk of needing a mental health intervention; and 

  • young adults leaving care aged 18-25 who are at risk of accessing mental health services. 

Aims of the project

Support the reduction of young people reaching crisis point. 

Reduce number of young adults entering mental health services after leaving care. 

Increase the knowledge of mental health support amongst young people as they move (transition) from child to adult mental health services. 

Improve confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing among young adults who are moving from child to adult mental health services. 

Improve resilience and independence on this journey of moving from children to adult mental health services. 

Prevent the need for referrals into mental health services for the first time. 

Over a 12-month period the service aims to support young adults aged between 16–25. 

The Peer Mentoring Support Service helps children and young people by:

  • Providing young adults with access to alternative community-based – one-to-one and group – activities complementing the services delivered by professionals;
  • Recruiting, training, managing and supporting volunteers to become peer mentors to other young adults – supporting their transitional journey into adult services;
  • Matching volunteer peer mentors to young adults, based on hobbies, needs and interests – guiding and assisting individual young adults – motivating and empowering them to set personal goals and make small but significant steps towards change;
  • Providing information and signposting for young people – improving understanding of early warning signs and symptoms of mental health difficulty; how to access information and follow-up on support, and building confidence to talk about their mental health.
  • Co-producing the service with young adults (ensuring they are central to the design, delivery and governance of the service) and those who have transitioned from children and young people’s mental health services to adult services;

About the volunteer peer mentor buddies

Volunteer Peer Mentor Buddies are ‘Experts by Experience’ aged 18–25. The Peer Mentor Buddies will be volunteers recruited by the service to provide a peer buddy role for young adults, providing pastoral support. The volunteer Peer Mentor Buddies will complement the work being completed by social care, mental health, education, voluntary care sector professionals and commissioned services, offering independent support to young adults. 

How to refer

Young adults can be referred by multi-agency partners. 

We will only accept self-referrals if no services are currently involved but would still encourage young adults to visit their GP. Following a referral, a volunteer peer mentors buddy or Peer Mentor Support Worker will be matched with young adults by the Service Manager according to their needs and interests.

Referrals can be returned to pmss@cwmind.org.co.uk   The referral must be password protected – send details separately – which is very easy on a word document.

Announcing the peer mentoring service

This service started on 6th December 2021. Read the original announcement notification here.