One Week In

It’s seven days in to RED January 2020 and our ambassadors who are taking part in the move more challenge this month have reflected on their week of activities so far.

Both Emily Bunce and Dee Hodgson were involved last year, too. Read about their experiences this time around below.

Emily said:

RED January last year for me was literally to run every day. I was exhausted by the end of it, but it started a passion for running which I’m so happy about.

This year I thought let’s do it differently. Moving positively for your body does not mean exhausting it.

So, I’m trying 31 different types of physical movement. So far, I’ve run, swam, done yoga, a weights session and stretched. I’ve still got walking, Bollywood dancing, trampolining and even gardening on the list to do.

A week in and I’m so excited every day to do something different. Some are going to be tougher than others, but I think it’s so important to find movement in everything you do.

The thing I’m most loving about it is the sense of community with RED Jan. Were all in it together. In the time of year when the gatherings stop and everyone stays in, it’s great to know there are people wanting to do things together. You don’t feel so low in one of the rankest months of the year!

Dee said:

This year I wanted to look at both my physical and mental wellbeing.

I wanted to mix things up to keep my motivation up and take this time to experience new ways of self-care. 

So far, my RED January has consisted of increased walking, putting mindfulness into action and relaxation, enjoying time with my dog. I have also included a gym session which has led to new friendships.

I’m exploring how to increase my daily activities within my working day, by parking further away from appointments. This gives me head space to process thoughts and to gain some much-needed relation time.

Plus twice a week I’m dancing in preparation for Coventry does Strictly 2020, incorporating physical activity and social time. 

RED January this year is not just about slogging it out in a gym and feeling pressured to achieve, it’s about building achievable goals that incorporate mental and emotional wellbeing, keeping it real and interesting, 

Today the office was filled with giggles as we started an impromptu fun four-minute dance found on the internet.  Keeping it fun and real!