Meet our new Ambassadors

We are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of three Coventry and Warwickshire Mind Ambassadors as part of Volunteers’ Week 2018.

Our new ambassadors, Emily Bunce, Dee Hodgson and Sarah Jane Hulyer, will work to support our charity at outreach events across the area. You’ll spot them proudly wearing their Coventry and Warwickshire Mind tops. All have very personal reasons for becoming involved in the new voluntary roles for our charity, having experience of mental health, and are passionate about raising awareness.

We are delighted and excited to have all three on board.

Meet the wonderful individuals here…



Emily Bunce

Having worked with CW Mind for over a year through the Miss Coventry and Warwickshire pageant, it’s incredible to see how much work they do. There is no aspect of mental health that’s not covered, from befriending the young to combat teenage worry, to befriending the elderly to combat loneliness, yoga for work stress and so much more. It’s wonderful to be part of something so big. Seeing the impact the work of CW Mind has is just amazing!  I am honoured to be an ambassador. To break the stigma of mental health is so important. That’s why we need as many people as possible to talk about it.





Dee Hodgson

I am passionate about raising awareness of issues around mental health. Any chance to promote and reduce stigma is a great bonus. As a person who has walked the road of poor mental health and recovered, I love to share my experiences and reduce the barriers of isolation and prejudice that many people feel and experience.  Coventry and Warwickshire Mind was, and continues to be, a huge influence in my recovery and due to the charity’s input and support I have been able to rebuild my life, come off benefits and work full-time. They put me back together and gave me hope that I was able to have a future.




Sarah Jane Hulyer

I couldn’t be any prouder to be a voice and extra pair of hands for such a kind and caring charity. It’s an honour to join a line-up of such inspiring ambassadors! I’ve struggled with my own mental health from a young age, and struggled to access services and felt frustrated at how it was spoken about in schools. By the time I turned 18 I decided it was time to step up and try and encourage change. I started in my own school, before going to talk to other schools and then finally becoming a campaigner who has sat on countless panels, worked with the royal family on their Heads Together campaign and even sat with Prime Minister Theresa May.