Maternal Mental Health Week

Maternal Mental Health Week takes place this year from 29th April to 5th May. It is a week-long campaign dedicated to talking about mental illness during pregnancy or after having a baby and signposting to support for all mums.

The focus is on advocating for mums affected by maternal mental health issues and helping them to access the information and help they need to enable recovery. This year’s theme for the third annual UK Maternal Mental Health Week is Mums Matter.

Mums in Mind

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind’s Mums in Mind service provides support for pregnant women and mums who are experiencing mental health issues, emotional distress and/or those who feel lonely and may lack the support of family and friends.

For many women being pregnant or a new mum can be an overwhelming, frightening, and stressful time especially for those experiencing mental ill health and/or who lack support of family and friends. Mums in Mind are there to help pregnant women and mums to increase their social and support networks, improve their confidence and self-esteem, and to help improve their emotional wellbeing.

We offer as part of this service:

  • Befriending
  • Peer Support/Short Courses
  • Baby Massage

Mums in Mind is for women who:

  • Are experiencing antenatal or postnatal depression or anxiety
  • Feel lonely or isolated
  • Lack the support of close family and friends
  • Are single
  • Are young
  • Have suffered with anxiety or depression in the past
  • Are in a difficult/abusive relationship or have been in the past
  • Have low self-esteem/ confidence

To find out more about our Mums in Mind service, click this link

For more information about Maternal Mental Health Week 2019, visit this website