Marsha P. Johnson – Revolutionary trans activist!

Marsha was born Malcolm Michaels Jr. on 24th August 1945 in New Jersey, America. She had a difficult life, however this did not deter her drive for equality for all LGBTQ+ communities. Marsha is honoured as a Stonewall instigator who made real changes. She was also seen as a drag queen, an Andy Warhol model, an actress and a revolutionary trans activist! 

As an African American trans woman, Marsha P. Johnson has consistently been overlooked both as a participant in the Stonewall uprising and more generally, LGBTQ activism. As the broader gay and lesbian movement shifted toward leadership from white cisgender men and women, trans people of

colour were swept to the outskirts of the movement. Despite this, following the events at Stonewall, Johnson and her friend Sylvia Rivera co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) and they became fixtures in the community, especially in their commitment to helping homeless transgender youth. STAR provided services — including shelter (the first was a trailer truck) — to homeless LGBTQ people in New York City, Chicago, California and England for a few years in the early 1970s but eventually disbanded ( Editors, 2017).

Laverne Cox has since continued activism for trans people famously quoting:

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