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  • Lee’s Story

    Lee Watts attempted to take his own life four years ago and has spoken about his experience to prove to anyone who might be feeling suicidal that there is a way forward with the right support.

    Speaking of his desperation at the time, Lee, 27, said: “I’d not long left college, been let out into the real world, and was looking for a job but was unable to find one. There’d also been a few deaths in the family which didn’t help my feelings of isolation, loneliness and desperation. I’d felt desperately low and tried to take my own life in October 2013 because I saw no other option and no other way to turn.”

    Lee immediately told his mum and went on to get help through a GP and counselling and then began attending the Rugby Wellbeing Hub in Cromwell Road, one of several in the area run by the mental health charity Coventry and Warwickshire Mind to offer free drop-in support services for anyone who needs it.

    Things are looking up for Lee, who is helping others as a Peer Support Worker at the Hub. He is due to start a degree in counselling and is physically healthier than he has ever been having lost 10st through regular exercise since his suicide attempt.

    He said: “The Wellbeing Hub helped because I was around other people, people like me, and I knew I wasn’t alone. It helped me grow in confidence.

    “The person I am now is very different to who I was then. My message to anyone feeling the same as I did is this: Don’t bottle it up, talk to someone about it. Let it all out, help is out there.”

    Lee has produced a series of videos detailing the thoughts of those closest to him as they reflect on his suicide attempt and subsequent transformation. They can be seen below.