Kevin and Jessica – Fundraisers

Being office workers and seeing the rise in awareness of mental illness we thought it would be great to help, as mental illness can affect anyone, without those around them recognising it.  We got married on 12th September 2015, and rather than the usual gift list, we decided to have our guests give money to 2 nominated charities.  We set up a donation page, which made it really quick and easy for our friends and family to donate. We then printed the page link into our wedding invitations.

The wedding day was perfect! We were really lucky with the weather, after a wet morning, the sun came out just as Jess arrived at the church.  We were overwhelmed by the amount we raised, £400 for CW Mind and £400 for another local charity.  Our friends and family were really generous and could see it was for a really good cause.

Our advice for fundraising – Just go for it!!!