Katie A – Fundraiser

I really wanted to find a local charity, so that friends and family who were going to be donating had a very clear idea about where their money was going.  I had raised money for more general, nationwide charities in the past and felt like being more local this time, also I had come across increasing numbers of people affected with mental health issues in my work as a music therapist and also in life in general, so I wanted to find out more about what C&W Mind could do to support people in this area.

I competed in a triathlon, which I took up as a new sport in my early 40s and have been doing every year since.  I can wear a T-shirt from the charity I support, and as the races are both nearby and around the country it feels like a good way to spread the word about what charities like C&W Mind do.  I entered the race, contacted C&W Mind a week or so before the day, discussed with Jade and came to collect a T-shirt to wear in the race.  I looked at their website, put a bit about the charity on my justgiving page with a link to the website and sent round a big email to all my friends and family.  I raised a total of £350.

The event was really good, it always feels much more worthwhile to be doing something so hard and strenuous if people have pledged money towards your cause! Otherwise it can seem just painful, with no gain.  This way you get the gain too.

I felt motivated, useful, good about working towards a goal , then achieving it.  I was a bit worried about asking people to sponsor me again, but the good thing about email / justgiving is that people can ignore you if they dont want to send money for some reason and if they do want to it’s easy to do it.  Always surprising how many people continue to support you in your chosen goals.

I would say, Give it a try! Makes you feel good as well as making sure that charities like C&W Mind can continue doing the good work they do.