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    Mental Health & Wellbeing Bus

    Modern mental health services are de-stigmatising and close to home.

    The Coventry and Warwickshire Mind Mental Health & Wellbeing Bus is a vehicle that we have converted into a modern, mobile wellbeing resource. It has a wealth of information about mental health and the support that’s available locally.

    The bus makes it easier for us to reach more isolated communities and rural areas, whilst promoting positive aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

    Please see our bus timetable below to find out where you can find us, or follow us on Twitter for reminders @cwmind

    University of WarwickFri6/03/2010am – 3pm
    Bedworth town centreFri20/03/2010am – 3pm
    University of WarwickFri3/04/2010am – 3pm
    Nuneaton town centreWed15/04/209.30am – 4pm
    University of WarwickFri1/05/2010am – 3pm
    Bedworth town centreFri22/05/2010am – 3pm
    University of WarwickFri5/6/2010am – 3pm
    Nuneaton town centreWed17/6/209.30am – 4pm
    Bedworth town centreFri17/7/2010am – 3pm
    Nuneaton town centreWed12/8/209.30am – 4pm
    Bedworth town centreFri18/9/2010am – 3pm
    Nuneaton town centreWed14/10/209.30am – 4pm
    Bedworth town centreFri20/11/2010am – 3pm
    Nuneaton town centreWed16/12/209.30am – 4pm