Intensive Recovery Support Service (IRSS)

The Intensive Recovery Support Service is a creative, flexible, recovery based support service designed to meet the needs of individuals who require a higher level of support than is currently available through floating support and other housing related support services.

People experiencing mental health problems often need to feel safe and supported to enable them to explore their options for independence, and this has been created through the approach of the Intensive Recovery Support Service.

We can support people already living in the community, making the transition from hospital back to their own accommodation, or living in supported accommodation, where the current level of support is not sufficient to meet their needs.

The service is currently undertaking registration with Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our Team

The IRSS team is made up of staff experienced in supporting people when their emotional well being and mental ill health mean that they require a higher level of support.

Our support provision is geared toward enabling people to make that journey to independence. Our focus is upon the skills and abilities that people need to develop or rediscover, in order to make that transition.

Support is needs led, in that we recognise that each person is at a different place in their life. We make sure that we listen, and that the ndividual drives the agenda in achieving their hopes, wishes and ambitions.

Who do we support?

We will help, support and guide people through the difficult period of leaving hospital or other rehabilitation / care provisions, through those first tentative steps back into the community and independence. We will focus our support on key areas that underpin the transition to independence, using the recovery star model of support planning to ensure that individuals are planning their own goals and outcomes. These include:

• Setting up and maintaining a tenancy
• Developing domestic and life skills
• Advocacy and liaison
• Managing finances and benefit claims
• Emotional support and advice
• Accessing other services
• Establishing personal safety and security
• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
• Exploring spiritual and faith needs
• Establishing supportive relationships in the community
• Getting support to look at future employment

Further information

IRSS FAQs for Referrers

IRSS diagram

How to contact us

Tel: 024 7663 0938

How to make a referral

Individuals requiring intensive support can be referred to the service by clicking the link below to complete the referral form.

However, please note that Care Co-ordinators will be responsible for ensuring that a funding package is in place to support a referral before a client can be accepted. If you are a Care Co-ordinator and wish to make a referral, then please click the link below.

Care Co-ordinators will also be responsible for determining the level of support required and the outcomes to be achieved by the Intensive Recovery Support Service.