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Set up primarily for young people and their carers, on this page you will find useful exercises, links and information provided by National Mind and Coventry and Warwickshire Mind.

Check out the information from National Mind, download and work through some of the CW Mind wellbeing activities, join the Elefriends community and develop your skills of relaxation with the Big Chillin Audio.

There are more external resources for children and young people found here, and resources for parents/ carers and adolescents here.

Resources from National Mind

See National Mind for further information and resources

CWMind Wellbeing Activities

Elefriends online community by “I was alone before I found Elefriends. Now I have a handful of trustworthy, genuine and amazing friends. You help me though each day and make me laugh. I’m so so glad to have you. Love you all. Xx”

Worksheets & Activities to download

Relaxation and other useful videos

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During the next few difficult months we will be sending out more regular communications to help keep your spirits high whilst offering exercises and activities you and your family can do to keep you mentally strong and hopefully put a smile on your face too.