Holding You In Mind

We are delivering a new community support service to offer a highly individualised and person-centred approach aimed at middle-aged men who are in distress, have had frequent contact with emergency services or A&E and who may be at risk of suicide.
Holding You In Mind offers quick access to highly individualised support in order to build resilience and feel more stable. The service offers a quick response where individuals will be supported in the community to identify the barriers or issues preventing them from living a happy and fulfilled life. Support is flexible and can offer initially a high volume of one-to-one support in the community including daily contact via phone calls and texts to help reduce anxiety.
Many individuals use healthcare services frequently due to an escalation in their social, emotional, financial or family issues. By offering immediate support to resolve the issues and build coping strategies, the individual will quickly begin to feel more in control of life.
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For more information, please contact Suki
Phone: (024) 7601 7226
Email: floatingadmin@cwmind.org.uk