Helen – Anxiety Management client

I had been recommended to take the 10 week SHARE (Anxiety Management) course and I found a lot of useful advice and content of the handouts that are very useful to look at.

The staff were more than happy to chat to me firstly personally and were full of advice to myself and the other people that were part of the course.

It was very useful to know that the staff members had been through various difficulties themselves so have had to learn the same advice that has been passed onto them.

I was very surprised to learn too that one in three people have problems to cope with their difficulties in life but good to be able to learn how to deal with problems as they arise.

In the future I have other course dates that I may attend and benefit from that – they look inviting so I will bear them in mind.

It’s so GOOD to know that MIND is there just in case we need them as everyone goes through difficult times in their lives. So good to know that your staff in SHARE have gone through stressful times themselves that makes it really helpful with themselves being sympathetic to peoples needs.

MANY THANKS for everything that I have learnt completing the course, and I will recommend the information to be passed onto others that are in need as and when.

If you are interested in attending an Anxiety Management & Relaxation course, please see our Recovery & Wellbeing Courses Programme.