Spring Wolf Run

Most of you who know me well will know that i wasn’t one for running or spending hours in a gym but a lot has changed in my life this year so wanted to do something that i would never dream of doing in my life and to push me physically and to raise money for an amazing charity so i have decided to do a wolf run in spring 2020. The charity i am raising money for is Coventry and Warwickshire Mind who help people with mental health problems. I felt it was important for me to share my own personal experience with my own mental health and a little insight of my journey from the beginning of the year to where i am now. So earlier this year I was admitted to two different mental health hospitals which i spent a total of three months in mostly under section, At that time i felt there was nothing left for me all my fight and energy with life had gone and on two occasions tried to take my own life which is why i was sectioned. When i was discharged from hospital the second time i was sent to a day hospital which really didn’t work for me but I really didn’t want to go back into hospital again so i had heard from a family member about Coventry and Warwickshire mind so decided to give them a call and from that very first phone call they were really professional friendly and understanding they invited me to there drop in sessions which take place twice a week which is attended by a really friendly bunch of people and is in a really relaxed environment which i needed to be in at that time. I then had a chat with one of the support workers who i felt really sat and listened to me  and gave me some great advice. I then went onto to have six sessions with the same support worker and after each session i was becoming stronger and more focused and by the end of the sessions i had a clear goal and was put in touch with the right people to reach those goals. Without the support of Coventry and Warwickshire mind and the love, support, patience and understanding of my family and a very good friend who have all stuck by me every step of the way even when i was at my lowest i really do not know where i would be today. Now i am the healthiest i have been (body and mind) more focused and determined and Coventry and Warwickshire Mind have been a massive part of my recovery. I now want to give something back to help them continue the amazing work they do and to help them reach more people who suffer from mental illness or help friends or family who have a loved ones who maybe suffering with mental heath problems. The support i received has also inspired me to work in a mental health role in the future i want to show people that no matter how bad things get in your life there is support out there and things do get better if you reach out for the support around you.
Please if you can sponsor me as little or as much as you possibly can i will be truly grateful. Every little bit really does help organisations like Mind so they can keep reaching out to as many people as they possible can and continue changing peoples lives.


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  • Kate Hutchins

    John – Good Luck! Fantastic cause to support, thinking of you and sending HUGE Hugs!! Xxx

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