Fun Dog Show – by Leanne Tarver

We would like to thank Leanne for raising an amazing £150 with her fun dog show, please read her story below and here are some pictures of the event.

Why did I decide to do an online fun dog show in support of mind?! When I was just 14 years old I got diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, after a months stay in Warwick Hospital I was accepted to go to London to St Thomas’s hospital and be treated in a specialist adolescent eating disorders unit. The care I received was impeccable and they honestly saved my life! Then at the age of 21 I unfortunately had a second illness enter my life. I was sent to St Michaels mental health hospital at Warwick and was diagnosed with First Episode of Psychosis. I was treated here for 2 months, the care I received was amazing and once again they saved my life. For 3 years after I was lucky enough to have a CPN called Helen. This lovely lady talked me through some of my darkest days and helped me focus on life again! With her help I was able to safely come off medication after 18 months. Without all the fantastic help Iv received over the years I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now. So when COVID19 came along, I was heart broken. I had found my passion and it was dog walking, being outside all day with the best company a woman could ask for.

Now the thought that all of this was being taken away made me think how others must be feeling. So after the new announcement from government wasn’t what we were expecting I knew I had to do something to lift peoples spirits. So I set to and organised an online dog show in support of Mind. A different fun category each day to fill my page with positive, fun posts to help lift peoples moods and give them a distraction from the new day to day life we are having to get to terms with. Prizes were rosettes for 3rd and 2nd with a rosette and dog treats for 1st. Saturdays winner was in with the chance of winning a tailor made dog hamper to suit age and breed. All of these prizes were self funded by me to ensure all the money raised was going to Mind. With a large social media platform on my dog walking page Molly and Friends Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service, I was sure to reach enough people and even just people to talk more about their own mental health. Not being able to organise sponsored walks or fundraisers, I knew that ANY money raised for Mind would go a long way. From personal experience just having someone to talk to can make the biggest difference, so why not try to help.