Emueje – Mums in Mind client

After the birth of my baby I was in a very dark place. The labour and birth were difficult for me and I had no one to support me during this time. It was a very frightening and lonely experience. I had always expected the birth of my child would be a happy time and I would have family and my husband to support me but things did not work out that way. In the first weeks after my daughter was born I was very low and depressed. Everything felt too much and I could not think clearly. I suffered physical health problems after my caesarean section. I was in a lot of pain and my legs were swollen. It was hard to walk around and I struggled to look after myself and my baby without support. I was struggling to bond with my baby. This caused my mood to worsen and I often thought about ending my life. The depression made me lose all my confidence and I felt like I couldn’t do all the things I used to be able to do. I felt like I wasn’t me anymore.

My health visitor referred me to Mums in Mind. Zoe came out to visit me in my home to talk to me and tell me about the service. That was the first time I felt someone had listen to me without judging me, had understood me and that I wasn’t alone.

Mums in Mind matched me with a volunteer befriender, she was really friendly and easy to talk to. She meet me each week, she was someone to share my worries with, a shoulder to cry on, she encouraged me and gave me hope in the future, she helped me see the positives and we had a laugh together and could enjoy things. Mums in mind helped me set goals for my future and I wanted to improve me confidence. I decided to do the well-being course offered by Mums in Mind. The course helped improve my self confidence, I found for the first time I was able to talk to others and share my feelings in a group setting. In listening to the other women’s stories I knew I wasn’t alone. It helped my communication skills and I was eager to come each week.
The course and Mums in Mind helped me to improve my life and get where I am today. It helped me to set goals, have the confidence to apply for work and go to interviews. It helped improve my mood and how I felt about myself.
Today I am very close to my beautiful daughter, and am now able to enjoy being a mum. I have found work and am more positive and hopeful about my future.
Knowing someone cared about me, had me in mind and was there if I needed support, gave me the courage to move on with my life and recover. The support Mums in Mind gave me is worth more than all the money in the world, and I will always be so grateful for that.