Dogs as Therapy

Last week’s therapeutic group session with our wonderful Therapy Dogs was a great success.  Nine people attended, all of whom enjoyed spending time with the dogs and some of whom will now go on to benefit from 1 to 1 Pathfinder sessions with a therapy dog present.

If you would like to come and meet our wonderful Therapy Dogs Mishka and Koda, there is another seesion on Friday 22nd April here at Cooper’s Lodge. Come and find out how Dogs as Therapy works or just enjoy meeting them.

Please call 024 76229988 to book a place or find out more.

The benefits of interaction with a dog during 1 to 1 Pathfinder sessions can include; a reduction in anxiety, an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, enhanced mood, improved motivation and reduction of symptoms of depression.

The non-judgemental nature of the dog creates a less stressful environment which can enable people to better communicate and engage in the session. These factors along with physical contact with a dog are tools that can foster personal change and development.