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Children and Young People’s Workbooks/Resources

Returning to School 

We know that many children and young people have been out of the school classroom environment for several months now. Even those who have still been in their schools have experienced very different settings to the “normal”. This may mean that there is some nervousness or anxiety around returning in September.

We have created a series of activities for you to look at over the next two weeks in preparation for going back into school.

Primary School

Back to school booklet

Secondary 11+

Back to school booklet

Mental health and wellbeing survival kit

We also have other resources that might be useful to help with managing anxiety, low mood and low self-esteem. These are most suitable for young people over the age of 11.

Made with Padlet

Topic workbooks for use during Covid 19

Coping with low mood age 11+

Coping with anxiety age 11+

Increasing self-esteem age 11+

Wellbeing journals

Wellbeing resources