Charley – Mums in Mind client

I have suffered from anxiety since I was little and I have suffered depression since I was in my teens. I now suffer from post – natal depression after having my little boy who is now sixteen months. It has affected my confidence and self-esteem, making me feel isolated and worthless, like I am not good enough for the world. It has affected my relationship with my partner of two years, we eventually split up. It teared us apart. I wouldn’t take care of myself, I rarely got dressed, I just did not care about myself anymore because I knew that no one else seemed to care, so why should I have done so? I could never see any positive in anything, everything was negative. The future was bleak.

I have received support from IAPT and the wellbeing hub and also Mums in Mind. These three things have helped me see a positive light, they are very helpful and I am still getting support from them. It makes me feel like a person again with all the help and it gives me a chance to be happy with my son and have the relationship with him I was also suppose to.
I feel a lot better than I did before, I am taking good care of myself and my son, we get out more, go to groups, I go to courses etc. I still get down days where I wish I was dead but it isn’t as constant as it was before and I am very grateful for the help that C&W mind have done to help me and I hope that anyone suffering from post-natal depression gets the right help and support.