10 Calm at Christmas Tips

It is well known that Christmas can bring extra stresses as we often put pressure on ourselves to buy the perfect presents, cook the best dinner and hope everyone enjoys the big day.

We can easily get caught up in the hype and commercialism leading to stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Try these top tips if you find yourself in need of a break.


  1. Reduce the pressure on yourself. Ensure you get enough sleep, rest, exercise and follow a healthy diet.


  1. Keep your boundaries. Say “no” instead of over-committing.


  1. Plan ahead. Make a list, then review it and delete items you really don’t need to do.


  1. Shop at off-peak times or online to avoid the crowds.


  1. Buy ethical or charitable gifts; it has the feel-good factor for everyone.


  1. Choose a form of relaxation that suits you and try to do some form of calm and soothing activity every day. It doesn’t have to take long. Try YouTube for some ideas.


  1. Drink plenty of water. This is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body.


  1. Have fun and keep your sense of humour. This is always a great way to reduce stress.


  1. Try to spend some time outdoors. Research shows this has a calming effect.


  1. Retain a sense of proportion if things seem overwhelming. You can only do your best.


Please also remember we are here for anyone who needs us throughout the festive season. Take a look at our Wellbeing Hub opening times here


Have a merry Christmas!